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9/17/10 3:40:43PM
Mirko Filipovic may have suffered a serious eye injury in his last training session before flying to Indianapolis.

Sources close to the team claim the injury is of a serious nature and could put his UFC 119 with Frank Mir in jeopardy. Cro Cop has allegedly seen by a series of specialist and it's still unclear whether or not he will travel to the United States for the bout.

His flight to Indianapolis is scheduled for Sunday, six days before the bout with Mir.

9/17/10 3:57:38PM
ruh roh raggy.

Well there are two other HW's on the card in Beltran and Meathead maybe one of them can step up, prolly meathead

Then there is Kong vs Browne and Schaub vs Gonzaga that could maybe step in who are on the next card or two after 119.
9/17/10 3:57:57PM
Dana White dismisses the rumors. Bout still scheduled to take place.

9/17/10 3:59:14PM
Dana just denied the rumor via twitter. also saw that Pat Barry called Mirko and Pat said he's fine. is it just me or does it seem like a false report of an injury to Cro Cop happens before every time he fights recently?
9/17/10 3:59:56PM
From BJ Penn's site...

UPDATE: At this moment in time additional reports are surfacing that this rumor is infact false. Sherdog sites, stating that they were present during Mirko's last day of training and that no injury took place. However the media outlet reporting the original rumor is and they are a very reliable source of news inside Croatia.
9/17/10 4:00:38PM
All I have to say is THANK GOD. The thought of a Mir/Beltran or Mir/Meathead fight makes me want to puke.
9/18/10 8:10:42AM
That would kill the PPV buys.
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