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2/27/08 2:10:19PM

I read a report yesterday (dont have the source, it was on another website) that Mirko Cro Cop was returning to the UFC next winter of 08 to finish his contract to the UFC... and that he has joined DREAM because he prefers to fight in Japan and thinks fighting there will help get him back on track..

He also commented on what people have said about him on the internet and Cro Cop ensures that he is not hiding from the UFC and has plans on returning to finish his contract and still making an impact inside the octagon.

The post I read supplied a source which I did not copy (sorry) and im sure it was genuine as everybody who replied seemed to agree with the TS... im just wondering what your thoughts are on this and if anybody else has read this report or has heard any news on the subject.

Thanks, and once again sorry about not having the source.


EDIT NOTE: After reading the forum rules I went and got the link, found it on google rather easily... I also realized that this news isnt exactly recent.. so I apologize if this has already been discussed.


2/27/08 4:10:55PM
2/27/08 4:52:54PM
mas de lo mismo
2/27/08 4:56:55PM

Posted by Ordep

mas de lo mismo

si, sabemos que él volverá luego

yea, this has been circulating around for a while now. i just hope he can find a half way decent opponent on such short notice in terms of near sightedness. but anyway CC should get back to his winning ways and make a successful return later. this has to be like the 4th or 5th thread on this.

EDIT: scratch my previous statement about finding him an opponent. it looks like he will be fighting kickboxer Siala Siliga a.k.a Mighty Mo as i just read in the other orgs forum.
2/27/08 5:18:15PM
devlin you're an MMAplayground freak ^^^^^^^^
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