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7/6/10 8:56:59AM
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira recently stated his desire to face either Frank Mir or Mirko Cro Cop in his next fight, and if it's the latter then it's a match Cro Cop wouldn't turn down. “I am still thinking about what to do and right now I need some rest. I will talk with Lorenzo and we will see. I just need motivation right now… Since 2003, its inside of me to have a rematch with Nogueira, definitely. He is one of the true legends, a pioneer of the sport, former Pride champion and former UFC champion as well. It would be a very interesting rematch for me.” "Minotauro" & Cro Cop first fought at PRIDE Final Conflict 2003, with Nogueira winning by 2nd round submission.

7/6/10 9:37:21AM
Dear Santa:

I don't care who Cro cop has to fight...I just want 1 more highlight reel left head kick of death... pleaaaaaaase
7/6/10 11:34:14AM
Could be co or main event of ufc 121 in germany
7/6/10 2:11:07PM
WOW. this would be so cool to watch. IMO, they seem evently matched at this point in their careers. I would love to see this as a co- main event.

Especially, if Cro-cop is saying Nog would be motivation enough to get back the horse and train really hard.
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