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6/27/07 10:13:45AM
In an appearance on ESPN’s “The Hot List” yesterday, UFC President Dana White officially announced Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic’s opponent for UFC 75. As expected, Cro Cop will face French kickboxer turned MMA fighter Cheick Kongo. UFC 75 is scheduled for Sept. 8 in London.

6/27/07 10:50:42AM
Should be a great match! I see Cro Cop winning though.
6/27/07 10:52:29AM
ya unless cro cop is seriously shook by his knockout from gonzaga then i predict him winning by KO
6/27/07 2:47:29PM
I see Cro Cop winning via KO, but it's hard to ignore how monstrous Kongo looks
6/27/07 3:34:30PM
hmmmi dunno kongo is no push over by any means if you have seen him fight i think cro cop is goin get his ass kicked again
6/27/07 3:36:04PM
these are very comparable fighters i cant wait to see how this one tuns out
6/27/07 4:13:12PM
cro cop by foot to mind
6/27/07 5:42:47PM
I hope cro cop recovered mentally from his last fight. If that's the case i don't see him losing.
6/27/07 6:37:36PM
Lol, I still don't get how anyone could possibly believe kongo's a better striker then Mirko. If Mirko's minds in the fight, he's going to dominate. Like really guys.
6/27/07 9:53:27PM
cro cop is going to have his hands full with congo he is a big guy and a good striker so be pepared for a war
6/27/07 10:00:31PM
Agreed he's a good striker, but Mirko's on another level, he'll KO kongo in round one. And Mirko's fought some of the biggest strikers in all of kickboxing, mma everything, Bob sapp, Aleks, waterman. All are bigger then kongo. I expect a few leg kicks from Mirko, follwed by a stiff left, and then kongo going down from either the stiff left(as sapp did) or the follow up high kick(as aleks, igor, wand, ect. did)
6/28/07 2:19:00AM
This all seems like i have heard it before.......... cro cop is going to work Gonzaga, no chance for Ganzaga, left kick to the head, ect............. I know that Cro Cop is the better striker than Kongo, but you can not count him out. He does have skill and if Cro Cop is not on his game again then he will get caught and will lose another. Either way it is going to be an entertaining fight. A lot of stand up action!
6/28/07 11:18:24AM
i think cro cop will win 1st rd. KO but with all of the upsets that have happened this year already nothing will surprise me
6/29/07 4:09:07AM
I like fans like all you guy cuz when Kongo wins it makes me look even better,im takin the underdog for sure on this one.
6/29/07 9:26:41AM
i'll bet you $1,000 on this fight.
6/29/07 11:34:44AM

Posted by Lethal

I see Cro Cop winning via KO, but it's hard to ignore how monstrous Kongo looks

Seen him fight, he's big, but sux, Cro Cop will OWN him!
7/1/07 12:49:45AM
i would love to sit ring side so i can catch Kongos head!!!!!!!!
7/1/07 2:28:14AM
Cro Cop seems more focused than ever, if you've seen his last interview where he guaranteed this win, its quite obvious that hes over it. He said he trains from 6am to 9pm and this fight is a matter of regaining his honor
7/1/07 7:55:37PM
Thats a scary thought considering how patriotic he is. He believes he let Croatia down. If he means everything he says, which I believe he does, expect a better then ever Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic.
7/2/07 3:48:49AM



Edit: Didnt work lol.
7/2/07 9:53:50PM
here is how to describe crocop.........OVERRATED!!!!
7/2/07 10:24:43PM
Dude Kongo is a beast hes not a step down in competition wow does he suck so bad at take down defense tho. it was hard to watch when he was defending against Silva but the mans hands are made of pure rock. It was so funny to watch him try to sprawl lol he was bending his knees and everything so hilarious. BUt hes a beast im picking him to win because i dont see Cro Cop going for a takedown and trying to exchange and wow is he in for a rude awaking. It could do either way tho i mean Cro Cop is amazing and it should be a good stand up fight all i know is sum ones getten knocked the F out.
7/2/07 10:39:41PM

Posted by TOMMYAYO05

here is how to describe crocop.........OVERRATED!!!!

Please explain? and as for kong's skills, however good they may be they are not up to Mirko's skills. Mirko's hands are inhuman, he broke bob sapps orbital bone...with boxing gloves on, he's pin point accurate, his kicks are explain what kongo will do to win? He only has a punchers chance, seriously. Mirko's pissed off he's going to dismantle kongo.
7/3/07 1:21:27AM
I really can't understand this talk. Mirko's the best striker in mma. kongo's going to have to stand with him...he's going to get killed. Is kongo a better kick boxer then Remy Bonjasky, Peter Aerts, Bob Sapp, ect? Has he faced people half the caliber of them? Not a chance, the best striker he's faced KO'd him, and he wasn't 1/2 the striker Mirko is. Watch some of Mirko's fights that have ended by KO or TKO due to strikes, his hands are iron, and he has pin point accuracy, his feet are incredibly fast, and his reflexes rival professional goaltenders lol. If kongo wants to win, he better get him on the ground.
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