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4/25/07 12:06:48PM

Dana White had the following to say about the loss of a potential blockbuster main event in Randy Couture vs. Mirko Cro Cop:

"You can't [book fights] like you do in boxing. You can't build a guy up to 39-0 with 39 knockouts. Anything can happen."

He went on to tell Todd Martin of the LA Times:

"You're always at risk in this sport. I don't even think like that any more. I didn't think it was guaranteed we were going to get to Cro Cop-Couture. There are no guarantees."

White was also sure to throw Cro Cop under the bus for making us wait for the Croatian superstar getting a possible UFC HW Title shot.

"Cro Cop's guys wanted to have a couple fights before they fought Randy Couture. And to be honest with you I think they wanted the fights to milk the contract."

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