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1/23/07 8:59:32PM
I bet 350 bux on cro-cop to loose...who wants it?
1/23/07 9:01:22PM
Absolutely i take that bet.....SOLD lol.... what r you you even know who this monster is...OMG..send me the wager I beg of you...
1/23/07 9:04:30PM
I'm so down for that shit too man just let me know....bang bang baby...
100$ 200$ 350$ I dont care..CroCop TO WIN>>
1/23/07 9:08:01PM
That's what i think.....i send ya the wager there BeeBum...i take 350 right from you, who is this crocop guy anyway...
1/24/07 1:57:07PM
Iwas too late!!! hes only got $50 bucks left, ill still take it though! U ARE INSANE DUDE!!!
1/24/07 2:34:28PM
this has to be someone juicing an account or playing a lame joke, no one can be this stupid.
1/24/07 3:59:21PM
Juicing an account.....playing a joke...budyy are you for real...i take who i want... it's fake money dude...just be greatful i didn't ask for a money line on the bet...either watch what happens...UFC sooo much tougher than Pride guys....
1/24/07 4:10:50PM
cool, sent you a wager for your last 50 then
9/10/07 3:11:45AM
*sigh* ahhhh, these were the days, when people thought CroCop would steamroll through the UFC.
9/10/07 6:59:09AM
Yea those posts are funny to read now. Back then it did seem so far out of reach.
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