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7/9/09 12:23:50PM
what is ya'll take on this match..thought Cro Cop signed with Dream..but i guess not..i'm pretty sure Cro Cop is gonna tko JDS sometime durnin the fight ..JDS strikin is good but he's been fighting can't count Stefan as a striker...most of his wins came by submissions..Werdum is a good striker,but not on the level that Cro Cop is on..Cro Cop on the other hand hasn't been lookin the same..and i have been sayin that for some time now,as we all have..who knows JDS might even be able to pull off a GG on Cro Cop..but i'm still pickin Cro Cop via tko...
7/9/09 12:57:19PM
I don't think we'll ever see Cro Cop in the UFC again if he loses this fight.
7/9/09 1:31:57PM
JDS has no way to take Mirko down and his striking is above average at best. Mirko is going to TKO him late in the 1st rd or early 2nd rd.
7/9/09 3:08:01PM
I like this matchup. A hungry JDS against an I-don't-know-where-he-stands CC. I suppose you have to give the edge to CC, but when was the last time we saw something really impressive from him?
7/9/09 7:00:41PM
Dos Santos TKO round one to send Mirko back to Dream.
7/9/09 7:13:48PM
IMO, Dos Santos' only win that carries much is the Werdum one. If you look at his past opponents, about half of them have losing records and the other half only have 60% ish win records and these are guys fighting in the lower orgs. We all know (or should know) better than to put too much into a fighter based on one win.

I understand that CroCop hasn't looked great lately, but you have to hand it to him that most of his losses were against tought guys and that he has the ability to finish any fighter at any time. That is something that cannot be said for too many fighters... including Dos Santos right now.
7/9/09 11:41:59PM
cc is more methodical whereas dos santos is very aggressive
if junior can keep cc from getting a rhythm he could take it
course all cc needs is one opening for the big lhk
i like this matchup and am genuinely undecided
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