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4/1/08 11:23:37AM
Can anyone tell me anything about Cro Cop fighting in Hustle on or around New Year's? I've seen it mentioned twice in the last week, but that's the first I've heard anything about it. He would have still been under contract with the UFC then I believe. I think it was Hustle anyway...maybe somewhere else? It's not on Sherdog. Somebody give me the rundown please.
4/1/08 11:42:44AM
I read about it in some MMA magazine, unfortunatley don't remember which... From what I understand, Hustle is a Japanese pro-wrestling deal, so the match was an obvious work, and from what it sounded like Hustle just brought in a couple ham'n'eggers for CroCop to high kick... I don't think it had much bearing on the "exclusive" UFC contract because it was just a pro wrestling appearance, or maybe CC and the UFC already had agreed to let Mirko fight elsewhere, don't know for sure
4/1/08 11:55:21AM
That's kind of what I figured since it didn't have results on sherdog or anywhere else that I looked
4/1/08 8:10:34PM

This is the video of what happened. He is looking ripped as hell in this
4/2/08 8:38:33AM
Those people were amped as hell to see CroCop!
I can't wait for MMA to get to that point in this country.
4/2/08 8:46:44AM
I remember posting this in The Padded Room around the time it happened, it was kind of unexpected. And even though it's wrestling, CC's kick to the head of that unlucky guy was legit.
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