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3/12/08 9:13:47PM

Now it is in Croatian but heres a translation:

Sasahara:"I think this fight won't be easy for Mirko because Mizuno has nothing to lose and he
will give best he can.

"In case Mirko wins we'll try to match up CC vs FEDOR"

Mizuno:"I would like to exchange with him, but i know i'll have to put him down to parter
if I wonna win

Mirko is excelent fighter, but if he relaxes to much i think i have chance."

Keep er clean guys.
3/12/08 9:16:26PM
My reply: I would rather see Cro Cop fight Kharitonov or Lebanner(as was discussed) and see Fedor fight Randy, Barney or AA. If this fight happends to soon there will be the "Cro Cop sucks now so Fedor losing to him means he sucks" or the "Fedor still hasn't beaten a good fighter in the last million years".
3/12/08 10:30:54PM
I'd love to see Cro Cop's fnext fight after this one be Lebanner.
That would be a war!!!!

3/13/08 1:45:06AM
fedor vs CC imo would be the best thing for CC, i think it would push him hard and maybe we would see the old CC
3/13/08 9:33:50AM
i agree with the first response
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