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9/23/08 8:18:27AM
Apparently after Overeem's knees to Cro Cops groin, Cro Cop's right testicle is "inside"

Anyone know what the recovery time it is for this kind of injury, can it just be popped back like a dislocation lol, or is it possible that it could be a career ending injury for Cro Cop.

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9/23/08 1:22:51PM
I just saw the video. He got hit twice in the same round. I'm no expert, but I don't think it is career ending.

Although, if he doesn't learn how to get out of a MT clinch, *that* could be career ending.
9/23/08 3:00:21PM
Alistar "Testicular Demolition Man" Overeem
9/23/08 3:19:24PM
yeah that had to hurt like hell. hopefully they'll have a rematch, and maybe cro cop will actually fight good
9/23/08 8:29:44PM
Cro Cop would probably be fine for fighting next weekend, it's not a serious injury.
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