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4/12/12 1:16:07PM
I can't tell how much of this is a joke or if it is all legit. I suppose my question then would be this: WTF is happening!?
4/12/12 1:18:48PM
i cant understand a single word theyre saying

edit: CC at his best!
4/12/12 1:21:50PM
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4/12/12 2:05:26PM
From what I remember this happened about 5 or 6 years back if i'm not mistaken.
CC got a little rough with a training partner and the guy got very mad but it was all a joke.
I could be wrong though.
4/12/12 5:27:54PM
Holy hell that's not a funny prank! I'd s*** my pants if some started firing an AK47 in the middle of a gym.
4/12/12 6:47:06PM
haha Croatia's version of punk'd?
4/13/12 2:44:17AM
between all the green shirts and whatever language they were speaking (russian? im ignorant, what can i say) i thought it was real until the AK came out. the slap was pretty good too
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