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9/16/10 5:00:20PM
Haven't been here for quite a while, anyways, here is a video of me in my tiny shed practicing different techniques.

Have an advice?

Heavy bag techniques
9/16/10 8:01:53PM
looks pretty good. id say work more on footwork but it looks like a pretty small shed. try setting up those big right kicks with punches and you may need to step deeper into your kicks for a more chopping motion so say if your throwing a right kick, set it up with jab/straight then after the straight right step deeper to your left so you chop through your opponent/bag. plus that gets your head out of the way for that straight punch alot of people use for a counter to kicks.
9/16/10 9:24:27PM
Foot work doesn't look very relaxed. You've got really decent hands. Too much bending for mma, you'd be eating a knee. Your turning your hip over too soon on your roundhouse, and your hips are getting out in front of your kicks just a little bit. It's difficult to kick well from a boxing stance and it's difficult to box well from a Thai stance, you have to find your own medium and develop it, that's the best advice that I have.
9/18/10 7:48:31PM
When your throwing your swing kick really emphiaze swinging your arm that your kicking with.

Ex. if kicking with your right leg swing your arm right over top of your leg, and your left hand comes up to protect your face, give you way more power and also you have a hand up to defend. othere than that looks fairly good keep it up/.