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4/8/07 2:37:56AM
Well, after a dissappointing 4-5 record for UFN and watching Okami take a decision over Swick, I semi-seriously told some friends of mine that if Serra takes GSP I'm disbanding Team Horror because I no longer deserve to be a camp leader. Sure enough, Hell froze over and being a man of my word I was obligated to do so. This now leaves me sans camp. Up until thursday I was doing well at 18-9 and in 144th place now after back to back bad events I find myself at 29-23 and in 832nd place. I don't know what to do with myself.

4/8/07 1:52:30PM
Shit man, don't be too hard on yourself. No one would have guessed Matt would pull it off against GSP. Let alone a TKO victory.

You'll bounce back.
4/8/07 2:09:42PM
i feel the same after the fight night i was a tlike 130 now after lastnight i have moved back and got like no cash.
4/8/07 3:57:08PM
Sorry to hear it went so bad. I really think you're being too hard on yourself. This has been a year of upsets. W/O looking at ppl's records I can't imagine anyone doin that well w/o goin for mostly underdogs. If you and your friends ever decide to camp up again let me know. Y'all are a good bunch of guys, and I enjoyed being in your camp. Good Luck with everything.
4/8/07 9:28:26PM
Start a new camp, and go from's all you can do...........well, unless another camp wants you........bad picks happen now and then
4/9/07 1:10:15AM
You should join hackney's camp... because not only did he pick Serra but he made money off of him as well.
4/9/07 9:32:19AM
I guess I made it sound worse then it really is. It's hard to emote via text. I'm not really concerned with my decline in picking skills. I'm just announcing that I am no longer in a camp and am open to invitations.
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