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6/14/08 7:45:12AM
We provide premium martial arts and self defence instruction coupled with a first rate Life

Skills program, the goal being to create "Community Minded Leaders" capable of defending

themselve with their mind as well as with physical skills. Our students are taught the benefits

that discipline, focus, confidence and self control can have in their lives. They are also

challnged to develop and maintain an improved level of physical fitness and be willing to be of

service to their local community. Our daily mission statement is "To educate and inspire our

students and community, to help them commit to and accomplish their goals in all areas of their

lives". Our mission statement is "Creating Community Minded Leaders One Black Belt at a Time"

We are located at 1430 Johnston Rd, in White Rock, B.C., telephone # 604-531-4881.

For more information please visit:
6/14/08 9:11:14AM
But the question remains... do you guys have any nunchuck skills?
6/15/08 1:22:22PM
Question... why is it I am noticing people who study Tae Kwon Do... passing thier schools off as Karate schools... I have found in the Nashville Area at least 5 TKD schools that on the outside claim they are Karate... I hate wasting my time looking for a decent Karate instructor to find a TKD one instead...
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