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1/4/08 6:24:41AM
I've been working on my own fantasy game for a few days now.It's very simple,but if enough people get involved chances are it will get more complex the longer it goes.



I'm going to post a list of moves on this thread.Each move is worth a certain amount of points,(unrevealed to the players).These moves consist of submission moves,strikes,grappling moves,clinch moves,ground attacks,and grappling defense.For each round (total of 3,title fights are 5 rounds) the player choses 5 moves.These moves will also have special moves called succsses moves,which will double the points for the move,and cause extra damage.I the flip side,their will also be moves considered "failures",which are worth no points,and cause damage to your character.After each event,the point value for the moves will change and the players will pick a new move set (if the player wishes,he can keep the same move set for the next event).The point values for some moves will follow patterns though so watch them over the course of the first few events.


The create a character process is very simple and only takes a few minutes

I will need your characters name,age,weight class,and height.As of now,if their are not a lot of people that get involved,matches between fighters out of weight classes will take place.However,until more players get involved no minuses will be given to lighter fighters going against heavier fighters.

In addition,you will be given 2 skills.Strike,and grapple.At the start,every player is given 30 skill points.To gain a +1 to each skill takes 10 skill points.So at the start each player will either have a +1 to strike and a +2 to grapple,or vice versa.The + added to each skill is called your modifier(if you've ever played D&D you know were i'm going).When fighting an opponent each move you chose in its order is put against your opponent..Lets say if your first move is an armbar.We will say its worth 5 points.Your opponents first move is a roundhouse kick worth 3 points.your grapple modifier will be added to that + 5 the armbar is worth.So lets say you have a +1 for grapple.That would total the points for your armbar at 6.Your opponents strike modifier is +2.That would put his roundhouse kick at 5 points.You win the first encounter by 1 point.

If a fight goes all three rounds,the player who has scored the most points will win the decision.


Each player,to start on an even playing field,begins with 12 life points.For every encounter you win,your opponent loses 1 life point.This continues until one fighter has lost all his life points.


For every win you get you will recieve 5 skill points and one life point..So 2 wins will give you 10 skill points.Enough to gain another + to one of your modifiers.

Well,if enough people want to play I will post up the move list later today and we can start!Until then,you can PM me your create a character stuff if you want.
1/4/08 9:07:10AM
No takers?
1/4/08 9:19:49AM
Actually, it seems like too much of a clusterf*ck to me or else I'd check it out.
1/4/08 9:28:30AM
Well is their anything in particular confusing you about it or is it just the whole thing your not getting?

Maybe I can help you understand it better.
1/4/08 9:45:43AM

Posted by mrsmiley

Well is their anything in particular confusing you about it or is it just the whole thing your not getting?

Maybe I can help you understand it better.

I pretty much understand it all and the parts that I don't understand (like the scoring) aren't really a big deal because I could learn as I go in that regard...I don't know. Maybe if more people are interested I'll check it out.
1/4/08 11:00:35AM
i'll give it a try
1/5/08 10:13:28PM
id giv it a go

i recon u should put in a part where u hav 2 train ur fighter between fights
so that u can personalise their fight style
1/5/08 11:23:01PM
I'll try it
1/6/08 6:56:10AM

Starting out the game is going to be very basic,but it will get more complex the longer it goes.

I'm going to post the move list


2.Rear Naked Choke
6.Heel Hook
8.Key Lock
9.Armbar (From Guard)
10.Body Triangle
11.Can Opener
12.Side Choke


3.Right Hook
4.Left Hook
5.Spinning Backfist
6.Roundhouse kick
7.Body Shot
8.Spinning back kick
9.Overhand Right
10.Overhand Left
11.Shin kick
12.Front Kick
13.Liver Kick
14.High Left Kick


1.Double leg takedown
2.Single leg takedown
3.Hip Toss
4.To Clinch
5.Belly to Back Suplex


1.Knee to body
2.Knee to head
3.Punch to body
4.Punch to head
5.Leg sweep


1.Break Clinch
3.To Guard


1.Elbow to head
2.Knee to head (Yes i'm allowing knees)
3.Head Punch
4.Body punch
5.Hammer Fist
8/23/08 12:45:49AM
I don't think it worked because it was to complicated, I reckon people just couldnt be bothered.
8/24/08 11:05:13AM
ill do it
are you using an mma simulator or like how are you simming the fights?(i didnt read wat you wrote im to lazy)
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