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3/20/08 1:57:40AM
Use fighters that are in UFC now. Main Event needs to have champion vs champion. Use Sherk as a contender, not champion(Use BJ Penn as Champ)
Use as many top contenders as possible! Can change Fighter weightclass only if it goes up. Ex. Serra goes to MW, Diaz goes to WW)

Main Event:
WW/MW Championship
GSP Vs Anderson Silva (Meet at 178 lbs, winner takes all!)
LHW/HW Championship
Quinton Jackson vs Big Nog

Main Card:
Sean Sherk Vs Roger Huerta (Winner is Top Contender)
Chuck Liddell vs Brandon Vera (Liddell moved up weight class)
Spencer Fisher vs Nate Diaz
Brock Lesnar vs Andrei Arlovski (If AA wins, Top Contender)
Karo vs Fitch

3/26/08 11:02:31AM
id like to see

chuck vs. forrest (winner gets rampage b4 TUF)
rich franklin vs. chris leben
marcus davis vs. mike swick
gsp vs. anderson silva
wandy vs. machida
koscheck vs. matt hughes
3/26/08 12:32:11PM
Main Event-
Silva vs Rampage

Shogun vs Liddell
Karo vs Fitch
Koscheck vs Nate Diaz (ww)
Vera vs Arlovski

swing bout-
Sakara vs Grove

rest of undercard-
Manny Gam vs Mac Danzig
Shane Carwin vs Houston Alexandre (hw)
Paul Taylor vs John Koppenhaver
Jared Rollins vs Ben Saunders

its a reasonable...not blown out of proportion card...but still sweet
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