CPT is recruiting for the season 3 !!

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12/31/07 9:13:34PM
Hi, i am tuvok500 leader of Canadian Power Team.
we won the season 2 LHW division and we are also the best P4P team among the 5 winning teams in each weightclass.

we are now recruiting some hi level players who understand that CPT is here to win and who are real team players.

before asking an invite you have to consider that being in my team mean that you understand that the team is more important than 1 guy, and you have to understand that i am an active leader who send many emails and who is not very tolerant about trash talking on our furum.
the full picks at every events is not optional in my team so partial MMA fans are not welcome.

You don't have to be Canadian at all cost, i already have some very good players from around the world who are well integrated in the team.

i have not many place to offer, so i will take the best candidates only.



12/31/07 9:19:19PM
Tuvok... you must join us.... join the WRW... together our powers will be unimaginable

12/31/07 9:22:28PM
LOL !!

Sorry man but we will try our best as Canadian Power Team !!

1/2/08 5:29:17PM
Still some spots left !!

1/2/08 6:32:16PM
1/3/08 10:03:59AM
Good job taking #1 for the Canuks!
Edit: Spreading the love. Prop ya next time