'Cowboy’ up: Donald Cerrone talks Ben Henderson, TapouT House, and of course, Jamie Varner

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9/3/09 8:56:12AM
Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has a few choice words for another World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) lightweight … and it isn’t his upcoming opponent, Ben Henderson, who he fights for the WEC interim lightweight strap five weeks from now.

As the featured guest on MMAmania.com’s exclusive presentation of Pro MMA Radio, “Cowboy” spent most of his time talking about the only fighter he’s ever lost to — and the man holding the “other” WEC lightweight belt — Jamie Varner.

9/3/09 8:59:53AM
I do believe I'm done being a Cowboy fan. This is just downright childish.

As for Leonard Garcia...he admits that he "woulda jumped that fool"...are you serious? Saying and doing are totally different things...I get that. But to even say it is very punk'ish.

9/3/09 9:33:23AM
I listened to the PMR interview, it's hilarious. I think they call it gamesmanship. Cerrone thinks Varner is dodging him and backing out, so Cerrone calls him out. This is the kind of stuff WEC needs to build up and promote fights. I just wouldn't have done this interview by phone from a Chinese restaurant.
9/3/09 10:39:15AM
I went from a Cowboy fan to not a Cowboy fan after the last three or four interviews ive bseen him in. His disrespect towards Varner is laughable at how childish hes become. I hope Henderson beats him to "Humble Him" as Sheiky baby would say.
9/3/09 10:54:49AM
Everytime he mentions Varners name I like him less and less.

And its not possible for me to lose any more respect for Garcia.
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