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3/4/07 7:44:57AM
part 1 :

part 2:

This fight is now one of my all time favorites, a small part of me thought couture would lose, but in my heart.. I knew Couture would never let Tim win.

What a beautifull match, the first round is straight from the movies.


edit: you'll have to copy and paste the urls, I never got a chance to watch this live, so Ive been up searching the web for this one fight after hearing couture won, so Im way too pysched to even bother making a real link.
3/4/07 9:49:03AM
Part 1
Part 2

Here i posted em into links for you. ill watch em later too.
3/4/07 1:55:42PM
thx alot guys !!!!!!
3/9/07 3:26:30AM
Awesome! Just as good as the first time I saw it!
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