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8/30/08 8:02:02PM
I noticed rumors about this on Sherdog. If so, I can't f'n wait for this one. It would be sweeter if Randy hadn't had so much time off and wasn't going on 46 yrs old. Although I think there's still a good chance Randy would beat him. Lesnar didn't do much in the clinch with Herring and everyone knows how well Couture handles the clinch even with much bigger opponents, ie Gonzaga, Silvia. Randy doesn't have the size to roll around with him, but he definately has the standup, clench and sheer ring prowess to hang with him and frustrate him. If he can manage not to get mounted and ground n pounded in the first 30 seconds, I think he'll catch lesnar in a rookie mistake and CAPITALIZE! If and when this fight happens, I'm going with Couture first round TKO! You heard it here first people. If Couture doesn't win, well then what did you expect from a 45 year old?

Couture in 1.
8/30/08 8:14:49PM
Yeh I saw this on MMA Junkie

to be honest I think Lesnar would KO Couture

age must have caught up on him a bit since his last fight
8/30/08 8:38:57PM
Do we really need another topic started on this? Further topics on this will just get deleted regardless of the numbers of replies
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