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9/3/08 6:00:43AM

Dana should have made Couture vs Lesnar for the Undisputed HW Championship then Mir vs Big Nog for the Intercontinental Championship and McCully vs Kongo for the Television Championship. Poor Randy! I bet Randy is cursing Dana with his Mind with this one , its like Randy's worst Moment in his Life....Randy is the Man? HAHA Fedor would rather Date a Porn Star than to Fight with this Org with the President who's a Clown,and Brock said Fedor never beat anyone in the company??Brock is reallythe Stupidiest Fighter in MMA,Fedor have not beat a UFC fighter in the UFC because He never even fought in the UFC but He beat Big Nog who can beat Brock 1 million times and destroyed numerous UFC fighters in Pride...Brock is sure Dana's Son like Dana said it cause theyre are Both Douches and Poser,....I think Fedor would just have to meet Randy,Dana and Brock the Dumbass in the street and beat the Living Hell out of them
9/3/08 7:25:21AM
Gee, Your gonna be spewing November 16 then.....

And, Dont bash on your new HW champ to be!
9/3/08 9:53:54AM
Even if Brock Lesnar gets by Randy Couture he will never beable to beat Big Nog. He will get tapped out everytime!!
9/3/08 9:18:02PM
I'm more concerned with the fighter bashing going on in this forum. If you don't like Lesnar that's fine but you definitely don't need to be calling him stupid and a dumbass. We all have our opinions about fighters but there's no need to bash them. I'm not a mod and this is just my humble opinion but come on man show some class while putting down a fighter. You can say I don't think Brock has any chance in this fight and think it's a bad match up.
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