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8/1/08 1:45:45PM
The legal chess match between UFC parent company Zuffa LLC and three-time heavyweight champion Randy Couture (Pictures) shows no sign of imminent resolution, as neither side appears willing to budge.

8/1/08 1:52:57PM
lets face it, both sides at this point are being a bit redicolous....this thing has spiraled out of control and all parties are too blame...ufc started the mess, couture hasnt helped to clear it up
8/1/08 3:09:57PM
Couture should have lost to Nog and moved on
8/1/08 3:12:02PM

Posted by silverbullet

Couture should have lost to Nog and moved on

Yet if Couture had stayed in the UFC you would have been rooting for him against Nog...
8/1/08 3:14:31PM
This is just retarded at this point. I agree that Randy should've just finished his contract and then left... He would almost definitely have been released by now. At the same time what is the purpose of Zuffa continuing to insist he fight his last 2 fights?

This whole thing is retarded. It just looks like a bunch of little kids fighting because they started fighting and they're all too proud to take steps to resolve the issue. I'm beginning to think it's possible that we never see Randy fighting again, or at least not for a much longer time than initially expected. By the sounds of it this thing is going to drag on and on regardless of if a court rules in one party's favour or the other. Even if he can fight eventually then what? We have an incredibly inactive Couture fighting after what will probably end up being a layoff of well over a year fighting the most dominant fighter on the planet. Great. This fight no longer interests me very much.

What if Randy decided to say "ok sure I'll fight for you 2 more times" then wins the belt back and leaves the organization again? Is that an agreeable situation for the UFC? I don't understand what they're thinking other than just wanting to spite him for walking out on them. Both parties need to grow up and stop acting like little babies. Maybe the UFC could use the money they're spending on legal costs to pay their fighters fair wages instead of using them to spite former employees, and maybe Randy should not agree to a contract if he doesn't plan on fulfilling it.
8/1/08 3:18:03PM
I wish randy would fight Nog and whoever is next in line assuming he could beat Big Nog. He's 45...would anyone think less of him if he lost? I wouldn't. I just want to see him fight while he still can. Either way i wish this was over because i don't really care where he fights. I just enjoy seeing someone at that age compete at such a high level.
8/1/08 3:28:20PM
yeah surely they can negotiate something. This is crazy. Either let him buy the contract out or negotiate a one fight deal or something. There has to be a way to just end this without years of legal battles.
8/1/08 7:53:16PM
It just kills me because he would have been done with his current contract and would have been a free man by now and we would have seen Randy vs Fedor instead of the big dope. I just don't get it you signed the deal live up to it and move on. He's getting bad advice from some where. I'm so done with this story just retire
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