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10/21/09 4:02:58PM
Randy Couture says he has not been thinking of retirement any time soon, even though he is the oldest active fighter on the UFC roster. Having recently signed a new six-fight deal, he could find himself fighting all the way up to his 49th birthday.

"I'm not in the illusion that I'm going to fight forever, but I'm having a blast. I'm still getting better as an athlete and a fighter and will take one fight at a time,” he told The Sun. "But it's not really about achievement anymore, or accolades or any of that. It's more about doing what I have a passion for and doing what I love.

"I love to train and I love the competition, and I love to do it. Achievements and winning titles and all the other stuff is the icing on the cake."

10/21/09 4:18:45PM
GOOD we need someone to fight chuck after he beat up on kimbo!
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