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POLL: Couture VS Gonzaga
Couture- TKO 23% (30)
Couture- SUB 3% (4)
Couture- DEC 34% (43)
Gonzaga- TKO 23% (30)
Gonzaga- SUB 13% (17)
Gonzaga- DEC 3% (4)
6/18/07 10:32:44PM
Couture by decision. I'm not gonna bet either way, because I think it's definitly a close match, and could go either way easily.
6/18/07 11:17:36PM

Posted by TheHitmanTL

okok ill break it down......
seeing gonzaga KO cro cop was amazing! nobody expected that but i think he got lucky i think if he was fighting the cro cop of old he wouldve gottn smashed for sure

seeing couture come out of retirement at 43 years of age and dominate sylvia for 5 me that is more impressive.

couture is a better wrestler has way more experience and is a freaking monster and i believe randy can outstrike gonzaga to be honest i dont find gonzaga impressive.....

couture by submission by strikes in round 3

How is the guy not impressive. He came with a perfect gameplan against Crocop..GnP'ed him very nicely from the guard then ....HEAD KICKED CC. That CC might not have been mentally focused but even a 50% CC beats most of the HW's in the world. Any way you slice it a win over CC is huge, and it wasn't like a fluke or anything he pretty much dominated Mirko.
6/19/07 9:00:25AM
I can't believe anybody even thought about Gonzaga possibly winning! Couture's gonna beat him soundly (probably with his awesome wrestling skills). He has so much experience and..... he freakin' Randy Couture!
6/19/07 11:39:05AM
i have couture 3 rd knockout
6/19/07 1:53:00PM
Randy, 4th round tko
6/19/07 2:14:46PM
Gonzaga is going to be extremly aggressive and take randy to the ground, work the elbows and G&P his way to victory in the first round.
6/19/07 7:26:32PM
Randy will end up on his back eventually and Gonzaga will GnP him or sub. Chuck already proved that when you take randy's gameplan "away" his gonna get dominated. Randy came back, because he thought that he could beat Tim with a good gameplan and he would be good match up stylewise.

Gonzaga is a bad match up and Randy probably won't have that solid gameplan.
Gonzaga by 2nd round TKO or something like that.
However, I'm still rooting for Randy
6/25/07 12:31:30AM
6/25/07 1:20:16AM

Posted by ac_gi

Posted by edge0125

Gonzaga - TKO via gnp

Let me get this straight... you think Gonzaga will take Randy down and pound him. Really?

Hey man, maybe GG just likes to take what his opponents do best and use it to beat them with it. Nobody thought Napao would kick Cro Cop's brain out his ear either.

Gonzaga is big... Barnett big. He has an excellent ground game and has trained with Chute Boxe. I think Randy knew what he was talking about when he said that GG was the tougher fight for him.

Napao by decision, setting up GG vs. Fedor.

6/25/07 4:40:04AM
I just can't see it. I don't think that GG will out wrestle and GnP Randy.

Maybe its the GG v Fabricio Werdum fight. It's not one of his most impressive fights.
GG v Werdum fight here
6/25/07 7:51:25AM
randy picked gonzaga over cro cop to win. So he has already been washing them an getting his game plan together id say starts out standing up then around 3 round its taken to ground an randy winning
6/25/07 7:56:12AM

Posted by Stickan

Gonzaga by late TKO.

Good pic of Couture btw. Havn't seen that one.

I think this gameplan for Randy has the highest persentage for success, although it could possibly lead to a boring fight. It kind of breaks down to a bad match up for Randy in styles so he needs to take him to the 4th and 5th rouinds, I dont think Gonzaga's ever fought that long before
6/25/07 7:58:17AM

Posted by Mastodon2

I think Randy "Gameplan" Couture is gonna take this one by decision

I meant to quote this one The paragraph above was meant in reply to this statement. I think Randy's best chasnce is to fight for a decesion win and posssibly try and TKO Gonzaga if he gets too exhausted later in the fight
6/25/07 10:51:48AM
gonzaga by 1st round is a terrible matchup for couture and he jus wont be able 2 handle gonzagas ground game
6/25/07 3:02:58PM

Posted by ac_gi

I just can't see it. I don't think that GG will out wrestle and GnP Randy.

Maybe its the GG v Fabricio Werdum fight. It's not one of his most impressive fights.
GG v Werdum fight here

Understood, but that was VERY early in GG's career. Watch the Barnett v. Couture fight... that wasn't very impressive either.
6/25/07 4:16:10PM
I have to pick Randy. After the way he dominated Tim, I can never pick against him.
6/25/07 5:17:09PM
I want GG to win.

Randy is just too good. Plus I was Fedor vs. Randy for the title soon.
6/25/07 5:19:53PM
i just dont see how gonzaga can lose this fight he obiviously has KO power just ask mirko and he has world class ju jitsu i dont see how randy can win
6/25/07 5:42:06PM
i say couture in the 3rd or 4th round by tko
6/25/07 6:16:38PM
Randy would rather fight crocop than gonzaga, He said it himself, Gonzaga by ko/tko/sub. he has alot of weapons he can use. Randy is good, but not the best.
6/26/07 8:08:11PM
Wow, I'm stoked that more people picked Randy
6/26/07 8:10:52PM
as much as i would love for randy to win i think gabe's too young and good im sorry but i think randy is outmatched here
6/27/07 2:52:34PM
This one is really really hard to decide, but going off of actual skill, Randy by decision. The reason i say this is, Gonzaga, dominated cro cop, who was not cro cop, so just leave it at that. Randy he's dominated throughout his entire LONGGG career. Cro cop will come back and kick some butt though, that's for sure.
6/27/07 2:55:54PM
I think if Randy can keep his mental game strong he will be champ for his remaining fights.
6/27/07 3:00:12PM

Posted by nubby

I think if Randy can keep his mental game strong he will be champ for his remaining fights.

I have to agree here.
6/27/07 5:20:50PM
I would like to say Couture, I have alot of respect for the guy, but GG is I think more well rounded. It's really hard to say, but Gonzaga by ko/tko.
6/27/07 5:24:55PM
i think this thread should be deleted becuase for those of us who love randy couture (everyone who has ever been alive in the history of life) it is hard for us to say that he is probably going to lose
6/27/07 5:28:55PM
I hope Couture is the first to beat Fedor.

And then Fedor beats him in a rematch and doesn't lose for the rest of his career, but I just think that could be a good way for Couture to go out as one of the best ever.
6/28/07 11:27:15PM
when napo fought cro cop it sounded like randy did not want anything to do with Gonzaga, He mentioned his BJJ and said if his stand up improved........ i am taking Gonzaga by Sub
6/29/07 8:23:28AM
Couture by Unanimous decision. I just feel that it is difficult to take Randy down and gnp him. He is a tremendous wrestler and that is something that doesn't happen to him. I don't think Gonzaga is going to submit him for the same reason. So it is going to be a stand up battle and like MisFit said unless he gets caught by a wild strike Randy's game plan is going to be air tight. Although Randy did say that he felt he matched up better against Mirko so it will be an interesting fight to watch.
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