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POLL: Couture VS Gonzaga
Couture- TKO 23% (30)
Couture- SUB 3% (4)
Couture- DEC 34% (43)
Gonzaga- TKO 23% (30)
Gonzaga- SUB 13% (17)
Gonzaga- DEC 3% (4)
6/11/07 9:37:28AM
how do you think the Randy Couture and Gabreil Gonzaga fight is gonna go later this summer? I think it is gonna be coutore 2nd round TKO.
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6/11/07 10:25:42AM
Gonzaga by late TKO.

Good pic of Couture btw. Havn't seen that one.
6/11/07 10:48:41AM
I think Randy "Gameplan" Couture is gonna take this one by decision

6/11/07 6:49:16PM
Couture, unanimous.
6/11/07 6:50:16PM
too hard for me to say.. i'm just expecting a good match
6/12/07 7:04:13PM
Im going to say gonzaga by late round tko...
6/12/07 7:07:09PM
I go with Gonzaga by TKO he is young and he is a grappler and know the ground game
6/12/07 11:21:16PM

Posted by gutoo

I go with Gonzaga by TKO he is young and he is a grappler and know the ground game

ya but nobody nos the ground game more than good ol captin america randy coutore
6/12/07 11:52:31PM
I can't decide on this one. I know you don't bet against Couture, and I don't know what to expect out of GG. Could've just been the fight of his life against an unmotivated Cro Cop, but he definitely has a great skillset. I'll wait until it gets a little closer before I make a decision but if I had to say right now, I'd say Couture unanimous decision.
6/13/07 7:06:04PM
It wouldn't bother me if Gonzaga won as long as it's not by head kick, I'm not a huge fan of Mirko but the highlight of that KO makes me feel bad for him. I'm pretty sure Randy could die from a strike like that, just out of optimism I'll say Couture, 5th round stoppage. The only advantages he has going in to this are experience and the conditioning. Gonzaga's never fought beyond 3 rounds and assuming Randy can survive to Round 4 or 5 I can definitely seeing GG gassing.
6/13/07 7:12:39PM
Gonzaga second round k.o.
6/18/07 1:07:26AM
Gonzaga - TKO via gnp
6/18/07 2:07:18AM

Posted by edge0125

Gonzaga - TKO via gnp

Let me get this straight... you think Gonzaga will take Randy down and pound him. Really?
6/18/07 2:08:10AM

Posted by Mastodon2

I think Randy "Gameplan" Couture is gonna take this one by decision

6/18/07 2:12:12AM
Couture by Unan, unless he gets caught with a wild strike outta nowhere.
6/18/07 2:16:41AM

Posted by MisFiT

Couture by Unan, unless he gets caught with a wild strike outta nowhere.

Your right, If Randy loses it will be from a wild strike.
6/18/07 2:25:00AM
GG by submission round 4 most likely.
6/18/07 3:59:33AM
imo there is nothing gonzaga has that couture hasnt seen before. i think couture should have an answer for everything gonzaga can offer on the ground and standing up. unless gonzaga can score some quick damage and take advantage of it randy will probably be all over him. randy in the 4th by tko
6/18/07 5:02:51AM
Without doing an insanely long breakdown as I did in another Randy Gonzaga thread I'll say this. Randy's best Chance at Winning this is using his wrestling to wear down Gabriel and keep the fight on the feet where he can use his underated boxing skills and speed advantage to grind out a decision or set up a TKO off a solid punch. If this fight goes to the ground, Randy has all of a 15% at best chance to win it, Gonzaga's Strength and grappling skills are that great. I know it's hard to buy that after seeing the way Randy's manhandled some guys on the ground but those are the breaks IMO. This one will most likely End in a Gonzaga G&P TKO, but I don't count out Randy's ability to catch him or grind out a decision if he plays his cards right.
6/18/07 7:36:44AM
To be honest, I would be too suprised if either fighter won.......gonzaga is a bad match up for randy in my opinion, being a much larger world class grappler (who can strike).......but you never Count Randy out.........I hope Randy does win.........simply because the winner would (fingers crossed) fight Fedor in the HW unification fight.

Randy V Fedor.......Imagine that.
6/18/07 10:41:12AM
I have gonzaga with TKO in rd. 3
6/18/07 11:31:57AM
Gonzaga fought with a perfect gameplan against Cro Cop, who obviously underestimated him. (circle away from the left kick, catch it for the takedown... etc) I think it will be harder to have a gameplan working like that against Couture, who might be warned by the Cro Cop fight to mix it up more. I really can't tell what will happen if it goes to the ground. It'll be definitly a close call and fun to watch!
6/18/07 1:17:14PM
Gonzaga, TKO, Rd.3
6/18/07 1:47:39PM
I don't think Gonzaga's ground game is going to be THAT overpowering. I think Couture will be stronger and better on the ground. Captain America for life.
6/18/07 3:02:03PM
Im really looking forward to this one.

I want Randy to win but I just dont see how thats going to happen.

Gonzaga has won grappling awards left right and centre. He is amazing on the ground, he definitely wont get caught in a submission by the smaller Couture.

Couture has his hands tied with this one, I just dont see him winning. When Couture was in the HW division last time he got chopped down by bigger fighters (Barnett), Gonzaga is a very big and strong HW fighter who knows just as much if not more about the ground game then Couture does, I see Gonzaga getting a highlight reel KO in one of the later rounds.

I hope Couture wins, but my logic tells me it is almost impossible, if Couture wins though he is the man and I will never bet against him again.
6/18/07 3:44:23PM
I think one the biggest factors in this fight will be Napao never having to go into those "championship rounds"... The guy is a very bulky 6'2" and that extra weight can really effect cardio in the 4th and 5th rounds of a title fight...

I guess if I had to comare GG to any of Randy's previous opponents, it would most likely be Ricco... and that fight didn't end too well for Couture... Although I think Randy has lately been redefining himself as a fighter, and could bring a few more tools to the table than he did back in 02...

I know we've all heard it before, but Randy is finally rid of some pretty serious personal problems (divorce etc) that he said contributed to his lacking performances in the recent past...

I'll put my $ on Randy, Gonzo's just a little too green, but he will be a monster for years to come, IMO
6/18/07 4:00:53PM
I hope The Natural will win!!
But I guess Gonzaga will knock him in the face often
and finally I think Gonzaga will submit him due to strikes..

Go Couture!!!
6/18/07 7:48:30PM
I see Gonzaga getting on top, being able to use his strength advantage to hold Randy down, and scoring a TKO.
6/18/07 7:51:42PM
Nice to see you here JJ!
6/18/07 10:15:38PM
okok ill break it down......
seeing gonzaga KO cro cop was amazing! nobody expected that but i think he got lucky i think if he was fighting the cro cop of old he wouldve gottn smashed for sure

seeing couture come out of retirement at 43 years of age and dominate sylvia for 5 me that is more impressive.

couture is a better wrestler has way more experience and is a freaking monster and i believe randy can outstrike gonzaga to be honest i dont find gonzaga impressive.....

couture by submission by strikes in round 3
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