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7/21/08 5:10:16PM
Current UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture had indicated that a court is expected to rule on the status of an emergency stay filed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He added that if he wins his appeal, the decision on his contractual status will revert to a Texas court and that a declaration of his status would be made soon after.

Couture revealed the news in a new interview with Alex Marvez of

7/21/08 5:17:24PM

maybe i'll finally get my wish of couture fighting the winner of fedor/barnett

ahh....who am i prolly gonna have to see fedor tool randy 1st
7/21/08 5:18:22PM
They "could be", but than there is also a chance they "might not be", which means it probably won't.

hope this settle soon though, dont really care who "wins", as long as its over. So than Fedor can move on and keep fighting, either Couture being on that list or not.
7/21/08 5:39:45PM
we will see..
7/21/08 5:46:21PM
After watching Fedor chop Timmy down with one barrage, I only care to see the Randy fight for historical know, like get it out the way and in the books. But, who am I kidding, Couture has been counted out more times than anybody, and proved them wrong. Not in this circumstance, though. I believe Fedor will do what Liddell did in the 2nd and 3rd fights with the natural. Or what he did to Sylvia on Saturday. I'm just soo relieved when guys like Fedor and Anderson, BJ, GSP(except Serra 1) go out and do what they are capable of, and, should do when it's time to go to work. No lay-offs, or downtimes in between, spurts here and there. Just pure skill, and a killer instinct to match perfect execution. Randy vs. Fedor will be a slaughter on the feet, and quick twist on the ground. Just get him back in the ring, octagon, whatever already!
7/21/08 6:03:53PM
i know how great Fedor is but im just Amazed by Randy every time he fights...

the first time he fought Vitor MOST said Randy was goin down

first time he fought Chuck everyone said Randy was getting KOd

when he finally fought Ortiz he was still a heavy underdog

coming out of Retirement and dethroning Sylvia no one gave him a chance

defending his Title against Gonzaga people were still wondering how couture could win this one.

BUT he pulled out of them all and surprised everyone,

Randy wasnt supposed to win those fights, but he did one way or the other.

maybe Fedor will beat him but it will not be fast and it will not be easy
7/21/08 6:50:30PM
Just as long as couture fight hims and then retires.
7/21/08 6:52:54PM
it will be well over a year since couture last fought. then figure in all the time off he's taken to do movies. i should've learned my lesson picking against him when he fought sylvia and gonzaga, but i can't help but pick against him in a fight against fedor.
7/21/08 6:57:21PM
I think with all this time off Randy wont stand a chance with Fedor, but heh anything can happen i guess especially with Randy in the ring....
7/21/08 7:33:53PM
YES bring on Fedor!!!!!!!!!
7/21/08 8:12:58PM
Still not getting my hopes up just yet. When this contract dispute is totally done and out of the way, then I will get my hopes up. But this match HAS to happen. Not sure Randy has a chance, since he's been out so long.
7/22/08 10:02:07AM
7/22/08 10:49:19AM
affliction will def be the one to have fedor vs randy no doubt in my mind. i just would like to see the ufc counter that.
7/22/08 10:52:46AM
I don't think Randy would have much of a chance whether he was active or not. Everything that he is good at fedor is better at. Randy is a great champion but I think Fedor is a really really bad matchup for him. At least guys like nogueira, tim, crocop had something to give them a potential advantage going into their fights. Nog is the submission master, Crocop at the time was considered the most brutal striker in the sport by many, and tim at least had a big physical advantage and a good standup game.

I dunno, the only way I see randy winning is to close the distance immediately, hope that he can wrestle him to the cage/ropes and throw short elbows to open a cut. Seems really unlikely. I think Fedor's Sambo would be more powerful than Randy's wrestling and he'd end up getting choked/submitted after a few punches on the ground.
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