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10/18/07 9:34:09PM
The old adage goes, "what's in a name?" Apparently, the answer is a lot, at least when it comes to describing Randy Couture's departure from the UFC.

The subtle dispute between Couture and UFC president Dana White in their subsequent war of words may turn out to be the most important.

Couture has steadfastly described his act as a "resignation," while White has consistently used the word "retirement." The reason behind the careful parsing of words is becoming clear as purported details of Couture's UFC contract begin to trickle out.

10/18/07 9:49:47PM
An interesting article. It made a neat point about the UFC possibly not wanting to take this to court.

It'll be interesting to see how this thing pans out for both parties.
10/18/07 10:16:52PM
I was reading a post from a guy directly connected to the UFC and he said Randy plans to fight for another org in 9 months, when his contract expires. He also said there will probably be a bit of a legal battle, with a touch of sarcasm next to the word bit.
10/19/07 12:20:48AM
good luck randy
10/19/07 5:15:38AM
Dana is going to lose the last set of supporters he has in this scmfck move, he should really just let it go and realise he is beaten and release his contract, HE fcked up by being stingey with his $$$ and not offering fedor enough and not paying randy enough, now this has happens he shouldnt blame anyone but himself!
10/19/07 12:41:37PM
Is any of it really our business? I believe we as fans know way too much about the "inner workings" of our favorite sports and entertainment stars.
10/19/07 6:17:51PM
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