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1/17/08 3:15:54PM
1. Why is kongo scheduled to fight herring when kongo has a 4-1 ufc fight record, not to mention he just beat crocop, where as herring has a 1-2 ufc record and has just lost to noguiera ?? (ufc has no ranking in place here)

2. Evan tanner is back but hasnt fought since 06, does anyone know why he had time out, and if he has continued training whilst absent fron the octagon ??

3. What the hell is going on with arlovski, is he fighting in the ufc or has he quit his contract ??


1/17/08 3:20:24PM
I think I can asnwer 1 & 3.

1. Kongo is fighting Herring because everybody thinks has a suspect ground game and Dana is giving him this chance to prove all of them wrong. Plus the top HW"s are busy(Big TIm, Big Nog, Randy)

3. I saw an article on mmafightline.com that he was offered two fight but both fighters got hurt. They didn't mention which fighters. Dana said he was talking to him for a fight in april or may.

I think Tanner just wanted time off because he wanted to get his life back on track. I heard he had drinking problems. I'm not sure that's the whole reason but I heard that was part of it.Hoped that helped!

1/17/08 3:22:18PM
cheers dude !!
1/17/08 3:26:16PM
Tanner's drinking problems was just part of it, seems he was also dealing with serious depression as well as personal and family issues. He made several postings on his MySpace about it, a few of which are really hard to read the first time because it soudned like he needed serious help and was really thinking about suicide. Obviously it's great to see him coming back.
1/17/08 3:29:20PM
I did catch evan tanners myspace last year sometime, i saw pictures of a boat he'd bought that he wanted to do up. He's abit of a traveller is evan, he doesnt like to settledown anywhere, always up and gone to the next thing.
1/17/08 5:09:19PM
sucks that hes fighting herring, i want them to feed him to arlovski
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