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3/22/08 6:46:37PM
Anybody seen "No Country for Old Men?" I watched it last night and I thought it was pretty good. The ending didn't sit to well with me at first but after I thought about it, I thought it was pretty realistic. What do you guys think?
3/22/08 6:58:44PM
Ahhh yes yes, great great great movie that one. Javier Bardem just totally nails the role man, dead middle bullseye. The ending at first was shocking to me but after re-watching it like 10 mins later it sat very well. Also the first 5 mins are freaking crazy, definitely one of the best movie openings if not the best. It's easily the best movie of '07.
3/22/08 7:27:17PM
Havent seen it but apparently its pretty different from the book, which has a very confusing and cluttered ending.
3/22/08 8:16:09PM
I have to say that No Country for Old Men is in my top ten for favourite movies of all time
3/22/08 11:30:35PM
very good movie..watched it the other day with my girl...

the ending is a cool take on it....but a little disapointing..haha..still its a 9/10 atleast
3/23/08 12:08:28AM
Not 100% about this but i believe that The guy who plays the main villain of the film, will be playing Pablo Escobar in an up coming film about his life.
3/23/08 2:20:36AM
Top ten movies of all time. Better on the big screen than in your home, but GOD DAMN incredible.

No it is not too different from the book. I am A HUGE Cormac McCarthy fan, and this and The Road are his easiest, most accessible book for the general public, but Cormac wants you in his world, and Coen brother captured almost every major aspect and feeling of the book PERFECTLY. The only thing missing was a deeper commitment to Ed Tom Bell, who is given a ton of monologues in the book, but the Coen's put most of the point of that in other ways in the film.


see it in the theatre if you still have a chance!

I promise you will be happy. Promise.

unless you are an idiot philistine, and then you should watch more adam sandler movies.

either way, enjoy everyone.enjoy.
3/23/08 3:15:34AM
it was a damn good movie, but somehow my cousin kept managing to call every single event that happened in that movie. I Sorta expected that dude to get hit by a car and dirty mexicans to kill the guy
3/24/08 9:33:13AM
Meh. Maybe I need to watch it again, but I didn't think it was anything special. Good, not great.

Bardem's character was awesome, though. Great villain.
3/24/08 9:54:21AM
Does anyone else notice this trend of not tying the loose ends at the finish of good movies lately?

Maybe I'm old school, or just plain stupid, but I like when things are explained to me a little more, and the movies feels finished at the end...

It was a lot like Eastern Promises... Great movie, but c'mon... you can't just stop right there, I need to know!
3/24/08 1:34:56PM
good movie
3/24/08 1:52:45PM
I guess I'm in the minority of thinking this movie was way over-hyped. Don't get me wrong Bardem is absolutely amazing in this film, and I don't feel anyone else could have done it better. I feel that this movie definitely did not deserve best picture. Although, I'm not real sure what could have won if this hadn't as I didn't see most of the other films that were nominated.

I just get tired of movies that are proclaimed as wonderful simply because they seem to take the road less traveled on how they do some things. I felt there were times when the story could have used more clarity (and I love movies that make you think). Not to spoil anything for anyone but if you have seen the movie you will know what I'm talking about. One example would be the last hotel scene with Brolin seemed as though it was brushed aside as if the event took place involving some film extra who only had 2 lines in the movie, and the ending was just weak and pathetic. Anyone who felt the ending was powerful and brilliant, in my opinion is nothing more than a "Yes man" regurgitating what film critics tell them to. I just felt with the star power, and the excellent story this film could have been much better had it been done differently.

I absolutely do not hate it, and it was entertaining to say the least, but talk about a prospective film that was a huge let down. It could have been great, but ends up being mediocre. All in all I'd give it a 7 out of 10 and that is mostly because of Bardem.
3/25/08 10:47:21AM
The movie held my intrest firmly... until the end. My friend tried giving me "Well, what the ending was trying to inply was the evil never really ends...." blah, blah, blah. Spare me the fruitball bull$hit. I went to the movie theatre to see and action movie with a good ending. Got the good action movie part, still waiting on the good ending. It would've been justice if he died in the car accident.
3/25/08 1:46:00PM
Agree with the guys who who said it was good not great. Definitely overhyped and bordeline pretentious.

We Own The Night was by far the best movie of 2007 in my opinion. You guys should check it out, far better acting/plot/cinematography/editing/message then No County.
4/2/08 1:17:35PM
good movie jsut saw it that was one brutal hitman
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