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6/2/12 4:38:09PM
Country KO Fight Camp is looking to recruit new active members that will make all of their picks, wagers, and preferably will participate in the forum discussion for each & every UFC card. The inactive people that never made their picks have been and will be removed from the camp and only people that will keep up with all events should ask to join. I am the new Camp Leader and will be keeping this camp in shape, so if you want to join send me a PM.

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6/2/12 7:14:26PM
what happened to the old leader? (billfold was it?)
6/2/12 8:31:04PM
He's still there, but just moved to China & hasn't been able to keep up with inviting new members or booting the inactive ones that haven't logged in or made any picks for months. I don't really care how great someone's pick percentage is, just as long as they make ALL picks for every UFC event & it would be a big bonus if they participate in the Camp Forum Discussion to give their reasoning behind a few of the picks. If you want to join send me a PM & I will send you the invite.
6/11/12 7:06:50PM
I used to be part of that camp when I joined the site. There was a lack of fight card discussions (only like 6 people out of the entire camp ever posted) and I just needed a change so I left about a year ago. I'm glad you guys are trying to turn that camp around