Which Country has the best Fighters Overall?

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POLL: Wich Country has the best Fighters Overall?
USA 45% (21)
Brazil 43% (20)
Japan 2% (1)
Canada 6% (3)
Europe (General) 2% (1)
Other 2% (1)
8/25/07 8:54:00PM

Based on Nationality and not where they are trainning now.
8/25/07 8:57:42PM
Brazil. I could name them all but that take a really long time.
8/25/07 9:00:10PM
War Brazil!!!!!!!!
8/25/07 9:02:33PM
Brazil by no contest
8/25/07 9:06:00PM
i think brazil, just to name a few- Wanderlei, shogun, murilo rua, ricardo arona, The Nog brothers, Werdum, vitor belfort,Assuerio Silva, theles leites, tavares, hermes franca, bustamante, predro rizzo, ricco rodriguez, renato babalu, marcus aurelio, The gracie family, marco ruas, andersonn silva, and of course the best P4P fighter in the world GIANT SILVA!!, and i could go on, but i think thats good enough evidence...
8/26/07 4:46:11PM
Going by this sites top ten P4P..

USA has 5-Hendo,Penn,Liddell,Rampage,Randy
Brazil 3-Big Nog,Shogun,Anderson Silva
Russia 1-Fedor
Canada 1-Gsp

So i voted USA
8/26/07 9:52:09PM
I picked Brazil. While I think USA has the best fighters in general, Brazil has much much more depth.
8/26/07 10:21:51PM
When it comes to the most talented fighters.... I have to say Brazil too
8/27/07 3:48:06AM
I think the western hemisphere is where all the potential is. USA, Brazil and Canada are making the best fighters. But if I had to list an order, it would be:

1. Brazil
2. USA
3. Canada

Look out for mexico soon too. Latinos are starting to own in boxing and it wouldnt surprise me if we saw a few more Mexican contenders in the cage.
8/27/07 9:44:00AM
Every time I see the question asked, though, people completely overlook the Japanese fighting domination in all the weight classes below 155 and give places like Russia, which only have fighter in the HW class too much credit. Japan also hurts themselves because they take guys who walk around at 190 pounds and bulk them up to HW instead of having them cut to 170 like they do in the U.S..

Still, even with that consideration there are a ton of good U.S. fighters across most weight classes so I think they deserve the #1 spot. I could see arguments for Brazil or Japan as #2.
8/27/07 6:58:05PM
Up.... so the people keep voting.
8/27/07 7:07:03PM
I don't think I can say any one country has the best fighters.I feel their are great fighters everywere around the world.
8/27/07 7:13:11PM
Brazil, but only if we are talking MMA.

Interesting how "Europe" was thrown on there. Maybe the "Eastern bloc" should have been thrown in there too? Fedor, Arlovksi, Cro Cop, Aleksander, Kharitonov...the eastern bloc work ethic breeds really strong fighters. Once they start getting more fighters into MMA they could well overtake Brazil, and South America as a whole. The Eastern bloc nations have a lot of men with very powerful physiques, combine that and their "You can always work harder" mindset with western training technology and you've got some mean, mean fighters.

Brazil takes it at the moment though, since they have the Vale Tudo culture, they have a lot of fighters in MMA, so we see a lot of good ones, which does help create the illusion of Brazillians being super talented, which isnt quite true, but they are good.

In terms of striking (pure striking, not MMA striking) I give it to Thailand and Europe. The Thai's have the hardest training, they train upwards of 6 hours a day, in the blistering Asian heat, some even train in the jungle! Their training is spartan but incredibly effective. Go to a Thai boxing gym (and not one of the big ones with loads of money) and they have got a few banged up heavybags, a blood stained ring and some Thai pads. What they dont have in technology, they make up for in hundreds of years of knowledge of their art and pure, unrivalled passion for their national heratige in Muay Thai. However, the Asian's naturally smaller stature means the heavier weight divisions are dominated by westerners, simply because there arent many Thai's fighting above 170lbs at all.

Above 170lbs or so, I give it to the Dutch. They have won 11 of the 14 K-1 GPs that have been held so far, and it looks like they are about to go 12 out of 15 this year. They have an amazing passion for striking sports (but not grappling, hence why there are no dutch MMA fighters, they just dont really like MMA or grappling, its all about the striking for them). They also have the large build of Europeans, they are tall and slender, not like the bulkier American physique, and makes them natural strikers, but they would be awful wrestlers (if they even tried it...). This allows them to dominate the higher weight divisions in Muay Thai and K-1.

I'm very fortunate to live in England, and in a port city nontheless, for about £25 ($48) I can get a ferry ticket to Holland, and sail there overnight to train in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, and they have some of the best gyms there. I think next Easter I might well sail over and have a couple of days there.

But as far as MMA goes, its gotta go to the Brazillians at the moment. Watch out for the Eatern Bloc though
8/27/07 7:13:28PM
It's USA and it is clear. Brazil is the no brainer second choice. If you actually look up and down the weight classes, you will see, USA has many in the top pound for pound, and many regarding to depth. Go USA!
8/27/07 7:42:52PM
i might have counted wrong but I counted 25 (27 if you count BJ and Dan twice) american fighters in the MMAPlayground rankings (not counting p4p) and I got 9 Brazilians.

Even before that I still would've picked USA.
8/27/07 7:44:54PM

Posted by Stickan

i might have counted wrong but I counted 25 (27 if you count BJ and Dan twice) american fighters in the MMAPlayground rankings (not counting p4p) and I got 9 Brazilians.

Even before that I still would've picked USA.

And there you have it ladies and gentleman. USA has the best fighters in the world. Facts are facts jammer.
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