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7/3/08 7:23:37PM
48 Hours dudes... which team will win each weight division?

In our division, we have CPT with a solid lead over the War Room Warriors and Valcom, both of which are neck-and-neck.

What is your predictions as to who will be the team winner in your division, and in the other divisions?

Good luck!

7/3/08 7:33:07PM
ATT takes the Super HW division-> got a big lead on other camps in both Picking % and bankroll

CPT take HW-> again they have a solid lead on the division (however, good luck to your camp)

MMA Army takes LHW its probably the closest its been going into the last event, Team Sure Shot is very close behind, but looking at our camp i think we'll pull through with the victory

I those those are the most competitive Weight Classes (well mostly just HW and LHW)
7/3/08 8:33:47PM
WAR MMA Army, we're going to demolish the competition!
7/3/08 8:41:43PM
Ronco Beach Crew IN DA HOUSE
7/4/08 4:06:51AM
I think CPT take the HW with WRW in second, and team sure shot pulls out the stops and pips the mma army to the LHW crown!
7/4/08 4:11:00AM
I do believe my team will win SHW, and unless cpt goes for broke i see them winning as well (unless WRR/ Valcom goes for broke and succeeds lol)

I want to root for Team sure shot to win LHW as the underdog, although the mmarmy is full of some of the best posters on the site.

I think league omaplata wins MW

Anybody could win WW,

and Ky jelly wins LW
7/5/08 10:10:26AM
Do the team rankings get updated at the same time as the scores are put up for everybody?
7/5/08 1:01:19PM
7/5/08 5:22:24PM
SHW=I dont know.
LHW= Team Sure Shot
MW=World Top Team(of course)
WW=I dont know
LW=KY Jelly.
7/6/08 11:52:04AM
Congrats to The MMA Army.
7/6/08 8:00:14PM

Posted by emfleek

Congrats to The MMA Army.

Thanks and props to you guys for being good adversaries and giving us a run for our money.
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