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7/16/08 10:22:48AM
just found this, somewhat similar to the UFC's countdown, except worse, its 30 mins.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

7/16/08 11:22:26AM
Cool, thanks for sharing! Will have to come back and prop you later.
7/16/08 12:01:15PM
good stuff

Idk it just feels so staged and fake to me. It seems they have cue cards there reading from but I guess im comparing it to Joe Rogan talking about the fight which is pretty natural so I might be being too picky.
7/16/08 9:57:53PM
thanks bro, im watching it right now
7/17/08 1:14:36AM
Gotta love a guy who can rock an 80's style jean jacket.
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