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2/16/09 2:07:45PM
Just a reminder. Countdown to UFC 95 airs tonight on SpikeTV at 11 PM ET. Replays air on Thursday at 2 AM ET. , on Saturday at 6 PM ET and on MTV2 on Wednesday at 11 PM ET. Link
2/16/09 5:31:31PM
i am actually pumped up to watch some free fights this sat and relax, and then another week i'll be off to columbus to see that lousy card live
2/16/09 5:41:07PM
UFC has been on SpikeTV like all day.
2/16/09 10:28:53PM
i know i tivo most of it but given i have all the ufc dvd's their really isn't a point to watch most of it once i think about it
2/16/09 11:14:14PM
I cant rememeber If I have seen Ultimate Knockouts 6
2/17/09 12:09:26PM
I thought this countdown video was a particulalry good one.
2/17/09 12:23:55PM
It should be online already, some sites are linking to where you can watch it free.
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