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8/8/08 8:27:51AM
I don't know about anyone else but after seeing Roger's story, I can't not root for Roger.
8/8/08 10:07:33AM
Dude its made to be that way to make the fight not look one sided
8/8/08 10:16:47AM
I know. I felt for him last night. I like to see when great people emerge from a life of shit. I like Kenny and Roger a lot, but as far as skill goes I've still got to give it to Kenny. I'll cheer Huerta on though.
8/8/08 10:18:19AM
He has had a real hard life hey, I didnt know any of that, And after surviving that I now see where he gets his heart from.

I still got Kenny winning, But Roger is NO PUSHOVER and could win this!!

8/8/08 10:48:43AM
Even after seeing it, I can't wait to see him get destroyed by Florian.
8/8/08 3:13:36PM
Thats exactly why I like Huerta... not only does he bang it out for the fans and contain a heart of steel but he also has a touching story... he has been through a lot and I can relate to his story myself in many different ways..

Ill be rooting for him to beat Florian tomorrow night however I just dont see him winning... you never know though...

Florian by RNC in the 3rd round.. remember where you heard it first!
8/9/08 12:44:45PM
it was really hard for me to watch the roger clips with out crying it really reminds me of my childhood.... I'm have a new respect for Roger I will be rooting for a great fight now, instead of one fighter
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