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9/13/09 10:55:40AM
RANDY COUTURE will make a quick-fire return to Octagon action against Brandon Vera at UFC 105.

The 46-year-old former heavyweight champion will take on The Truth in a light heavyweight clash in the main event at the MEN Arena on November 14.


Not bad for the UK fans we get the legend that is Randy facing the Over-hyped Vera. I think this could be the end of the road for Vera if he doesn't beat Coture and I don't think he will.
9/13/09 11:19:29AM
I agree, great fight for the UK, and it needed to be really, Vera has yet to impress me at LHW,he has pretty much no killer instinct at all and seems very content to kick his opponants legs and stalk them -slowly.

Come On Randy!

9/13/09 11:29:52AM

Dont like it...
9/13/09 11:46:52AM
Don't like, don't, understand, don't care for, Coture by an absolute raping.
9/13/09 11:48:49AM
looks like Vera is being sent all the way back down the LHW ladder. Couture via GNP TKO.
9/13/09 12:09:42PM
It pisses me off that Rashaad turned down the fight against Randy as I think it makes more sense in the LHW title picture. It also keeps him active as he waits for Rampage (BA). If Randy were to lose to Vera, it would be a lot worse to his credibility than a loss to former champ Rashaad. I also think that if Vera gets beaten badly, which I think will be the case, his stock goes way down and he'll be fighting on undercards or UFNs for the rest of his contract.
9/13/09 12:10:16PM
Coture by complete domination
9/13/09 12:12:44PM
Dont write Vera off just like that. I will prob pick Randy, But Vera CAN win this.. And by KO. Randys chin is weak, And Even Vera
can expose that IMO.
9/13/09 12:32:50PM
COnsidering the rumored main events proposed for this card, I think this is the best possible "thrown together" main event we could have hoped for. Great match-up.

I hope this pleases the UK fans who felt jipped over the last few main events in England. You guys get Couture, so I hope your happy.
9/13/09 1:26:34PM
Im going to this event and I am well happy with this fight. Overall I am pleased with the card. Some great matchups for the UK fighters on the main card to get good wins over credible opponents.

I think it will be a good night for English MMA fighters.
9/13/09 1:28:22PM
Good first fight back a LHW for Randy. I think he will win.
9/13/09 1:59:11PM
This is a tought fight IMO. Vera is so quick, and while Randy is freakishly athletic for his age, hes slowing down. Vera could very well catch him. Most likely outcome is that Randy GnPs him for 3 rounds though.

Its not a fight im overly keen on, but the oppertunity to see the Natural fight live before he retires is going to be amazing!
9/13/09 2:46:52PM
Personally I think some of you guys are underestimating Brandon Vera. He's got a wrestling background to go along with his Muay Thai and BJJ skills, so he's got a pretty well rounded game. Randy should win this fight, but I don't think it's gonna be the cake walk some of you think it will be.
9/13/09 4:26:46PM
This is not a walk in the park for Randy but when I think of Couture fights I think of great oppenents in epic fights.
As much as I like Vera ,he just does not fit that bill for me
9/13/09 5:56:45PM
Couture by unanimous decision.
9/13/09 6:08:13PM
same as above
9/13/09 6:24:05PM
Randy by 3 round GnP KO
9/14/09 4:21:40AM
I've gotta think VERA wins this one. Randy IS slowing down. Vera is a great wrestler who will be hard to take down and a much more technical striker than chuck, broc, or big nog. He may not have huge power in his punches but i could see him knocking out the old man or picking him apart to a UD.

I love randy. Probably my fav fighter of all time. But i really think his time is finally over and at this point all thats left for him is to tarnish his legacy, as solid as it might already be. Newer fans who haven't seen his older fights will just have images of him getting beat.
9/14/09 11:25:06AM

Posted by MiniMan

Dont write Vera off just like that. I will prob pick Randy, But Vera CAN win this.. And by KO. Randys chin is weak, And Even Vera
can expose that IMO.

Negative props to you sir. Randys chin is far from weak. Did you see the NOG fight!?!?!?!?!?! I have Randy taking this one via UD
9/14/09 11:59:46AM
I wish he was fighting somebody better because if he loses it will really hurt him, but he should dominate Vera for the whole three rounds. I'm thinking he needs to fight Anderson, or Machida. He could beat Machida IMO if he can earn his way to a title shot.
9/14/09 4:15:34PM
After Randy makes Vera look like a buffoon he should fight Anderson Silva, I'd love to see that since he is the one guy that could possibly muscle him around in the clinch. As good as Anderson is in the clinch I think it is the only way to beat him. Standing and trading is not an option and his ground game is sick. Of course, his clinch game is sick too but I think its the weakest of the three.
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