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11/24/09 5:11:41PM
“I want a big fight right away, with a good style for me,” he told “I don’t want to fight a guy like Ricardo Almeida for my comeback fight. For sure it’s going to be a boring fight. The style is just like that. I can beat the grappler, no problem, but for my comeback, I’m looking more for a fight like Wanderlei Silva, or Rich Franklin if he goes to 185, or I want to fight Michael Bisping.”

11/24/09 6:25:38PM
However he prob doesn't wanna fight Dan Henderson.... ;)
11/24/09 6:26:11PM
I'd love to see Cote fight Wanderlei
11/24/09 6:32:38PM
He's gonna need a few wins to prove he belongs in there against Anderson again. I mean look at what they've made Marquardt and Hendo go thru only to give the shot to Belfort, lol.

Cote needs at least 2 solid wins in a row to be considered against Anderson again. I could see them setting up Cote vs. Kang, Kang is a big name that Cote is capable of beating...and another loss for Kang could get him cut so I think it would be a good fight.
11/24/09 7:36:50PM
rematch with silva probably will never happen
11/24/09 8:03:28PM
Akiyama is my guess.
11/24/09 8:37:15PM
So basically he wants to fight a striker. No problem, although Anderson/Franklin/Bisping etc. against Cote is a hard fight to promote for/or a fight that probably would not have much buzz around it. Having said that, I think a fight with Alessio Sakara is right up his alley
11/24/09 9:08:12PM
Glad to hear that Cote isnt shying away and wants big fights right off the bat. Shows he has confidence. I think a fight with Wandy would be a good starting point.
11/24/09 10:23:25PM
Cote is the man. :)
11/24/09 11:21:15PM
By the time Cote gets back to the title, if he does. Anderson will be retired.

Cote vs Akiyama or Sakara.
11/24/09 11:45:15PM
Cote should fight James Irvin
11/25/09 2:02:09PM
Is just me or does he come off really bad in this interview. He almost sounds like I don't want to fight guys that can sub me or out wrestle me.
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