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1/28/07 11:40:06PM
I already have an even money wager on Smith. I wanna know who'll offer me odds. Maybe this is the wrong forum, I didn't know if it should be betting or ufc. If it's wrong I hope it gets moved or whatever. But Smith is my big Underdog to pick for this event. I see, like 2/3 or something of people on here think Cote will take it. So I'd like to see someone confident enough to give me good odds.
1/29/07 9:03:21AM
It is the wrong forum so I have moved it too the right one, hope you have some look finding a wager
1/29/07 4:39:40PM
1/29/07 8:24:08PM
I will but its not a 2/3 its around 60cote 40smith
1/30/07 6:05:05PM
Must be evening out from what I saw the other day. What kind of odds you lookin @? Send me a wager.
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