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POLL: Who win and how?
COTE KO/TKO 30% (13)
4/23/08 1:22:27PM
Who win and why?

give your thoughts
4/23/08 1:43:06PM
At this point im leaning towards a cote tko. When it comes to a fight between a stiker and a grappler and im totally torn down the middle, ill usually go with the striker just becouse the fight starts on the feet and so the striker has the immediate advantage. Thats the logic i used when i picked sylvia to beat big nog, and it obviously didnt go down to well there, but it was close and i dont think ricardo has the chin of nog and if cotes able to connect like tim did, he should get the ko. ( i realise comparing this fight to tim and nog in terms of both physical and skill attributes isnt to logical, just using it as an example)

That said, if ricardo does get the fight to the ground, i can see him pulling off a sub without to much trouble, unless cotes been working hell a hard on his jits over the past year.
4/23/08 1:47:36PM
Cote rd 1 TKO !!

4/23/08 1:59:31PM

Posted by tuvok500

Cote rd 1 TKO !!

There is a shocker of a pick!

That being said- Almeida rd 3 sub.
4/23/08 2:00:43PM
Big dog by 1st round armbar.
4/23/08 2:14:15PM
i'm going to have to go with Almeida by submission. i believe that Almeida has slicker JJ then Travis Lutter and Doerkson and i believe that he will be able to put Cote in a submission. Almeida is extremely crafty on the ground and his stand up is explosive as well. i think he baits Cote with a stand up battle and then goes for the takedown after landing a few leg kicks. once on the ground, Almeida works his superior JJ and finds a choke for the win.
4/23/08 2:39:18PM
cote hasn't faired well against ground guys, almeida will sub him.
4/23/08 3:11:12PM
if cote keeps it standing and in the clinch its his, almeida wins if its to the ground.

I think cote is on fire right now so ill take him via tko. but i wouldnt be so suprised is almeida won.
4/23/08 3:18:59PM
This is a hard one...I mean either Cote KO or Almeida sub is the obvious...I think im takin Cote but not sure yet..Itll probably end up going to a decision or something crazy will happen..Like Cote subbing him or Almeida Koing Cote..
4/23/08 3:39:08PM
Cote hasn't fared well against ground guys and I think Almeida will either submit him quite easily or get a decision here.
4/23/08 4:34:01PM
Cote's had a good run as of late and I've had mad respect for the dude since he took that fight with Tito on such short notice... But he has had trouble agaisnt ground guys and Almieda is pretty slick on the ground...

My heart says Cote by KO... but my gut tells me Almieda later round sub
4/23/08 4:36:12PM
Almeida Round 2 sub
4/23/08 4:56:14PM
like everyone else said. cote standing he wins by ko. on ground almeida. if cote can sprawl and brawl he should take it. he needs to take some pages out of gsp's book on TD defense. i have cote by ko
4/23/08 5:49:01PM
I like Cote but i'm picking Almeida 2nd round sub.
4/23/08 6:57:41PM

Posted by tuvok500

Cote rd 1 TKO !!

Oh Canada!!!!
4/23/08 9:07:21PM
Sub Rd. 1.....You know who. I like both fighters, so it sucks that one of them has to lose. If Cote pulls off the TKO I won't be that surprised.
4/23/08 9:40:44PM
I will root for Cote, but I think before he can get the TKO, Almeida will be able to work his ground game for a finish.
4/23/08 11:44:13PM
This will probably end up looking like the Lutter fight, with Cote being subbed in the 1st round. However, if Cote works on his TDD and is able to connect, he may get a TKO victory. I doubt this fight will go to a decision.
4/24/08 12:16:01AM
There's no doubt that Cote has shown a weakness on the ground, but I believe he's a different fighter than he was when he fought Lutter and Doerkson. He's come a long way since both of those fights.

It's a difficult one to call. I believe Cote's striking is significantly better than Almeida's, but I also believe he can catch Cote in a submission. For now I'm going with Cote via TKO late in the fight or by decision; I'll narrow it down when the fight comes.
4/24/08 1:42:48AM

Almeida 1st Sub.
4/24/08 8:56:50AM
I'm pick Almeida, if Cote can sprawl and keep it standing he'll win, but I don't think he'll be able to. I predict a first round submission for Almeida just like the Lutter fight.
4/24/08 1:47:25PM
Almeida will get him on the ground and do work.
4/25/08 2:36:52PM
cote by ko 1 round
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