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1/29/13 7:34:58PM
Constantinos Philippou is coming off the biggest win over his career over Tim Boetsch at UFC 155, so you'd think he'd be asking for an opponent that won his last bout as well, right? Apparently not. Instead, Philippou and manager Lex McMahon have a better idea - fighting Michael Bisping in London in July.

1/29/13 7:38:03PM

I want Belcher vs. Bisping
1/29/13 9:16:34PM
This would be a good scrap. I think Bisping makes for a great match up with a ton of guys at MW I'm curious to see who the UFC matches him up against next.
1/29/13 10:32:18PM
If Costa was coming off a loss, I'd like this better. He needs to be fighting someone closer to title contention.
1/30/13 12:14:08AM
Didn't know about London in July
Another fuel card I recon. Already a ppv and a fox card in July
1/30/13 12:48:35AM
I am just wondering about Bisping's chin man...Costa could flash ko him and then there will be serious doubts about his standings in the division.
1/30/13 11:35:25AM
Costa vs Bisping is a tougher fight for Bisping than Belcher. Costa is a very durable and under rated MW. If this fight happens, Costa is a tougher fight but probably a less bigger name than Belcher or Boetsch. I like this fight, for both fighters.
1/30/13 11:58:59AM
It's a good matchup for Costa and Bisping still has a bigger fan base than Okami or Lombard. I like the idea and hope Costa can beat up the Count.