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6/5/07 9:22:54AM

We had reported that a proposed match between Tim Sylvia and Frank Mir for UFC 74 in August had been rejected by Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer. My reporting was not entirely accurate. contacted the always-accesible Kizer via e-mail and received the following response:

That fight has not been presented to me, and thus no ‘denial’ has been made. I was asked about the match-up by a reporter and said I would have a hard time approving that fight unless I see a quality win from Mr. Mir first. However, I will keep an open mind.

Please note that I approved Mir vs. [Antoni] Hardonk a short while back. I still think that would be a good match-up.

So while the match was never officially submitted to NSAC and Kizer never formally turned it down, the UFC had been considering a Sylvia vs. Mir bout but Kizer is acknowledging he likely wouldn’t have approved it.

It’s a good thing that Mir performed so well as analyst during the WEC’s debut on Versus this past weekend because he has something to fall back on in the event his fighting career never gets off the ground again.

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