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8/6/09 8:35:49AM
I've slowly come to terms with the fact that I won't be watching Fedor fight in the UFC any time soon. So now what is bothering me most is the idea that Strikeforce wants to build up to a Fedor/Overeem pay-per-view fight. While I openly admit that Overeem is probably the toughest fight for Fedor on the Strikeforce roster I just think there is a better way to build to a PPV event that gets Fedor and his opponent some drawing power and hopefully makes for a must see event.

The fight they should be building to is Fedor vs. Brett Rogers. Allow me to play fantasy matchmaker for a few minutes here:

8/6/09 12:03:00PM
This is way too farfetched to me. You're relying on Brett too much, it's a lot to assume that he would get Lashley since Rogers' ground game hasn't been shown yet. And I doubt they would do an AA v Rogers 2. and the likelyhood that he would beat AA again is IMO slim.

I do like the idea of a promo with carano. although she has a very tough fight comin up. she may not be as marketable after it.
8/6/09 4:35:46PM
yeah that is quite the scenario...I agree that Fedor should immediately fight overeem...then put werdum up against somebody halfway decent and that winner against Fedor...and then put brett against a couple more guys to build up...maybe even lashely but even then...Brett would have to destroy some more names to really make it count...maybe have him fight overeem after he fights fedor.
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