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10/13/08 3:27:04PM
what should i bring and be ready to do if i'am gonna help corner someone? i know i have to make sure he has a mouthpiece and cup/ and help him get warmed up. but what else should i do.
10/13/08 4:09:01PM
1.You need ice and a sealed bag to put it in.

2. You need someone to wrap his hands.

3. 2 Mouthpieces

4. A little bit of vaseline on the nose and orbitals

5. Water bottle for inbetween rounds

6. 2 good blood/sweat rags

7. Some kind of protein bar to get their blood sugar back up after the fight.

8. Pads and focus mitts

9. Cutips, sterile gloves to help close cuts

10. A cold piece of smooth steel to reduce swelling(NoSwell is what we call it)

That should be about it. Just remember keeping you fighter safe is you're #1 duty.
10/13/08 4:16:28PM
Alos, make sure you are either registered as a second, or fill out an application at weigh-ins.

Very important in states where MMA is sanctioned by boxing commisions.
10/13/08 6:31:00PM
all good ideas but for my first actual fight the best thing my corner did was keep my mind focused. and help me get confident but not cocky. trust me if a fighter goes into the cage cocky he gets ktfo.
10/15/08 5:50:52AM
Artofdefense hit the nail on the head, as far as what you need etc., and keeping your fighter focused and not too full of himself is also key. Other than that the biggest thing you can do is encourage him and cheer for him hard, let him know his corner is there100%. Also a big part of your job is to watch his opponent very VERY closely during the fight, analyze him to the best of your ability and any holes you notice, tell your fighter and make sure he understands them and how to use them to his fullest advantage.

Other than that have fun and keep your guy safe, good luck to you both.
10/15/08 11:23:19PM
thanx for the help