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5/28/12 4:24:23AM
Zuffa promised Showtime back when the tourney began that they'd have the Grand Prix winner have one more fight on Showtime headlining a card.

So Cormier is fighting his next fight in Strikeforce.

Zufffa has announced that Barnett will also have one more fight in Strikeforce.

The problem is, they are the only 2 Heavyweights Strikeforce even has, and a rematch isn't happening.

For each of them, who would you like to see them bring over from the UFC, or even from outside the UFC for their final Strikeforce matches?
5/28/12 4:38:58AM
Not going to be top 10 guy I wouldn't think, or maybe even top 20. It'd be moving down an organization for a possible or probable loss. Not a smart move for anyone who is possibly a few fights from a shot in the UFC.

Bring back Sergei Kharitonov for Cormier?
Would Carwin go over for one fight?
Send Gonzaga over to face either?
Is Arlovski still under contract with ProElite?
Eddie Sanchez is available
Tim Sylvia would kill someone for it
Jeff Monson would be more than willing to step in but he's faced both in the last 4 years
Try to get Mirko to do one last fight after his knockout earlier tonight?
Dave Herman is on a two fight skid
Pat Barry would be willing to headline
Bobby Lashley has drawing power for one of them to crush
Paul Buentello has fought for the Strikeforce HW title before

Most others out there would be names hard to promote as having a shot against either.
5/28/12 11:30:17AM
Sylvia will do it for a box of donuts.

Hershal Walker?

Anthony Johnson?


Idk, trying to find legit opponents seems silly, just bring them over.
5/28/12 11:52:01AM
Tim Sylvia may have a golden opportunity here. I can see the deal being made - "If I win, I get a three fight contract in the ufc. If I lose, I go back to my hole."
5/28/12 11:56:50AM
Monson or ricco for barnett

Shane for cormier
5/28/12 1:59:15PM
Their's only one right answer for this. Bob Sapp.
5/28/12 2:32:03PM
Cormier vs Overeem/Kharitonv/Abdurahimov

Barnett vs Cro Cop/Arlovski/Sylvia/Kharitonov 2
5/31/12 9:02:06PM
Obviously, I know it cant happen yet...I'd like to see how Cole Konrad would fare against Cormier or Barnett...

I think he could hold his own against Barnett, but Cormier would bust him up really bad
6/1/12 3:36:57AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Sylvia will do it for a box of donuts.

Hershal Walker?

Anthony Johnson?


Sylvia could probably get under 265 easier than Rumble could.
6/1/12 4:22:06AM
How awesome would it be if they brought in Cro-cop, and Cro-cop decimated Barnett again for the billionth time.
6/1/12 3:29:57PM
cormier v herschal walker seems legit
6/4/12 12:27:55PM
6/4/12 9:57:57PM
Rickson by armbar
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