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6/1/11 6:14:56AM
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for ab conditioning drills. I see some guys able to just take a pounding on their cores and keep going, and i'm not there. Just a beginner. But I would like to make noticeable improvements.
6/1/11 7:12:28AM
I find that pelvic thrusts help. Try to get as many of those in during the week as you can.
6/1/11 9:34:15AM
medicine ball training
6/1/11 3:06:31PM

Posted by Theoutlaw08

medicine ball training

6/1/11 6:02:34PM
do a wall sit with your hands behind your head and have a training partner lightly punch your abs like he was working a bag or shadow boxing. once that feels 'comfortable' have him hit a little harder. worked for me. its conditions the abs to absorb the hits with little side effects from the hit.
6/6/11 11:28:29AM
Anytime I work out be it a core workout, cardio or focusing on particular muscle groups I always bang out a minimum of 100 sit-ups split between left sided, normal and right sided sit-ups..!!

6/17/11 3:35:26PM
If you're fight training, try to do ab work--situps, medicine ball, rotating at the hips with weights, etc.--during the rest periods between rounds. That not only builds the muscles but makes you work them while you are breathing hard.

A lot of hanging exercises (even pull-ups) or balancing exercies like handstands, planks or one-legged stanced force you to tighten the hips/abs/lower back muscles to stabilize. I'm sure there are different opinions, but I think that type of core strength is more applicable to fighting requirements than straight situp/crunches are.
10/24/11 9:39:06PM


Most of it has been said alright.
Make sure to keep your back/spine healthy. A lot of core exercises come from your back muscles.

Good luck!
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