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8/8/11 9:23:39AM
Im starting a grappling class th fist tuesday in october and looking for some advie. I feel like i really need to build my core strength up more more so in the abs then anything. i work out at home strictly body weight whats are some good workouts to really boost that in 2 months. im also looking to drop atleast 10 pounds by then. The only piece of equipment i own is an elliptical. I am 5'9 and 190 right now any suggestions or tips?
8/8/11 10:29:05AM
Yoga. If you have an Xbox etc or a pc with speakers torrent some non workout purpose yoga and just do it at home. I didnt believe in yoga, I do the slowest yoga workout ever and it had dropped my weigh, increased my grappling strength felxability etc hit all the muscles that no other workouts have except wrestling and Jiujitzu.

I wrestled and I reccomend it.

Also, for abs specifically, I recommentd inclined/ hanging abs with a medicine ball throwing back and forth, passing back and forth, slamming the abs.

In 2 months, you would be as ready as necessarry.

On the off chance hatha yoga is not enough, do power yoga, you will die.

hatha yoga great for getting your gappling muscles begun

Power Yoga, you will not survive

If you do not torrent, just download the utorrent client software to start, it is worth it for all the books and videos avalable for learning all things.
8/8/11 8:47:22PM
Alright thanks Ill check that out right now my workout has been consisting mostly of the elliptical trainer for half na hour with alternatin resistance and I try to do between 50 and 100 push ups and sit ups every other day.
8/9/11 1:13:19PM
It's difficult to work at home with nothing. I hear a lot of good things about kettle bells, but they cost and I dont know about core workouts with them.
8/9/11 1:54:29PM
i probably wont be doing to much at home after i start training im just trying to do some stuff to get in alittle better shape before then.. i know theres really no workout like getting in there and rollen
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