i got a cool find look at this

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1/11/08 10:54:24PM
did you ever wanna see tito and hughes go at it?? i got it, not fightin but its good

1/11/08 11:03:50PM
Yeah i've had that on DVD for about a year.But still,it's very good.I suggest watching Royler Gracie VS Juan Valles.That's the best ADCC fight I have ever seen.When the fight starts out i'ts like Royler is an animal from a documentary you would find off the discovery channell.Still very good match,and well deserved for Tito.this fight showed how much weight classes can make a difference in a fight.In MMA style I still see Tito winning this,though despite constant forum arguements,I still think arona beat him.It's also awesome watching Nog's days in ADCC. It's also worth mentioining,despite people questioning his MMA skills,Renzo Gracie excells at this type of combat.
1/12/08 12:54:23AM
Man, i knew this for a long time but couldn't find it!!! AWESOME!!!!
1/12/08 1:12:21AM
Great find! Matt did very well considering the masive size difference.
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