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11/1/08 1:36:18PM

I love MMAPlayground, no doubt. I'll never stop coming here ALL the time. Great people, great info, everything is great!

But, I had been looking around for a fantasy mma game, like fantasy football is. I tried Deckagon (meh, simulated mma), I tried UFC Fantasy MMA (Meh, its like this, I dont need another MMAPlayground, I like it here) tried MMArmy (Eh, its cute, but again, its not fantasy MMA).

I asked around here and no one really could suggest a real fantasy mma game. OMG, I found one! It just started this week. Its a cool concept where you build your fighter one bodypart at a time.

Check it out here

Thought I'd pass this on. I love this community. You guys are awesome and true MMA freaks like myself, so I thought I'd give you a heads up.

Catch yah later.

11/1/08 1:46:23PM
seems like too much work especially when you have to pay money for it.
11/1/08 1:50:17PM
Heh say that to me and all the people who play fantasy football and join the pay to play and win money leagues.

Some may call sifting through the players to put together your fantasy teams work, others may call it fun.

to each his own I guess.
11/1/08 2:19:39PM
sounds really cool, just lame that you have to pay
11/1/08 2:29:24PM
yeah but fantasy football you pay to win money.

isnt this mma fantasy game, you just pay money to play?
11/1/08 2:30:36PM
yea, I gues it's not bank breaking though. I pay that for my fantasy football which lasts only a fotball season and not a whole year. *shrgs*

No, it says that after each event there is a prize to the Champion, looks like a Tapout shirt for this first one.

11/1/08 8:12:00PM
Oh it's not that much money, I might actually do this.
11/1/08 9:45:56PM
I might do it on payday. looks interestinf for 20 bucks what the hell. i've blown plenty of 20s on much bigger wastes of money.
11/2/08 4:18:13PM
Oh no you dont, that belt is MINE! (the shirt too! Always wanted a Tapout shirt :P ) I'm going to be a legend there! lol

I will solidify my win by choosing Randy Couture's knees! lol Jk, has he ever even threw a knee?
11/4/08 9:36:52AM
Hey Maggot, Bls1919, you guys coming!?

I need someone to beat!
11/12/08 5:58:57PM
Hey! The fantasy weigh ins are friday night (picks locked 24 hours before event) so its your last chance to join me there!

Jeeze, I hope at least one of you jabronies come and give me a challenge! :D
11/12/08 6:13:45PM

Posted by Biggz

sounds really cool, just lame that you have to pay

11/12/08 6:16:17PM
lol too funny.
Your sporting the leagues site, and you dont seem to know much about it.
its 20 bucks for a year, not life..
ill use my 20 bucks to go buy a tapout shirt. thx though
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