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3/28/08 7:45:00PM
I was not a fan of rampage, i guess being an 'iceman' fan might have had something to do with it, but ive been watchingalot of his fights and highlight reels, and ive changed my mind, he is one cool dude, hes tough as nails, and hes funny, and hes got style, i like the guy.
3/28/08 7:48:45PM
I hear ya there. I have changed my opinion on fighter after seeing them more and more. I was the same way with Leben. After his last 2 fights I find myself enjoying him win.
3/28/08 7:59:21PM
His recent slagging off Wanderlei Silva was not so cool though. In general I like him, but he shouldnt bath mouth Wanderlei, who panned him twice. Maybes if he beats Silva sometime he will have more room to talk, but even then he might be beating a past his prime Silva, so he still might not be warranted to bad mouth him.
3/28/08 9:29:43PM
I've been watching Rampage and have been a fan even before he found all this new fame (probably like many others on this board).To see him get fame is great,but to an extent it's like alot of "new" fans just try to take your appreciation from the guy away.

Maybe a lot of people won't understand that,but it's like when a hardcore band goes commercial.It makes you mad it took the public that long to realize.
3/28/08 9:50:54PM
He talks s**t, we all know it. A lot of ppl are crying foul on the Wandy comments, but that's him. He shut up when he wasn't looking at another fight, now that they'd like to build it up a bit he runs off again. I think he's funny, and it's funnier when you see him than when you read the words w/o his demeanor and stuff. Thsi leads me to not believe Wandy will drop soon.
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