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8/27/07 4:51:33PM

Posted by alvin

Let's just hope it doesn't make ESPN if it hasn't already. Nice work Renato. Just what this sport needs as it's finally emerging as legitimate. Thank god for guys like Randy.

Yeah, but in a world where people constantly look for the negatives to try and say "Look, mixed martial arts is just a sanctioned street fight," they will ignore the magnificant performance of a guy like GSP or Randy Couture, and look at the undercard fight of Babalu vs David Heath, where there was a ton of blood(which can be expected from a combat sport)and a choke held out way too long, and say "this is exactly what we are talking about, it's nothing but a bunch of thugs choking each other way after the guy has submitted." Babalu gave all the critics who hate the UFC what they wanted to see.
8/27/07 10:15:11PM

Posted by loller90278

although, i do disagree with the punishment from the NSAC. they fined babalu 25k. i personally think they should have just suspended him for six months.

Interesting point....didn't even think of that other option. I wonder which would have been more "severe"? Would no fights in 6 months have cost him 25K? Almost as much? More?

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